The Community

Local Communities

From the beginning, Phytonyx has partnered with local farmers who have an established history cultivating Hemp. Providing support for local economies, generating SOP best practices, and resourcing smaller family farms with cutting edge technology has allowed them to not only support their own businesses, but also support local labor economies during the growing season.

Global Impact

Phytonyx is currently cultivating relationships and farms on 3 continents, and looking to expand even further. Phytonyx partner farms are about more than just expanding profit – they’re about developing the best possible practice and integrity for the Hemp business worldwide. Our expansion is connected to a desire to see communities changed and flourishing worldwide.

Phytonyx is not a massive conglomerate attempting to rush in and capitalize on a new market. We are formed and grounded in the understanding that community, ethics, and the Healing of the Nations have to be a priority in this industry. We want our partner farms and clients to be confident that the success of Phytonyx is dependent on more than just the bottom line of our profit; it demands flourishing individuals and communities who are made stronger, more resilient, and healthier by our presence and influence.

Our Team

From our founding partners to those who work seasonally on harvest, Phytonyx values each individual’s contributions to the success of Phytonyx. Our community is grounded in the interdependent struggle and success of all of our team members. With extensive experience in cannabis cultivation across its uses (medical, recreational, industrial), our founders offer wisdom and guidance to change the conversation surrounding cannabis even as they innovate and implement the most sustainable and life-giving practices on our partner farms in order to ensure crop, community, and company stability and longevity. Our other team members provide invaluable strategic support as they sustain the daily operations of our worldwide endeavors.

Steven “Iz” Jaramillo

Founding Partner

Iz provides a driving engine behind Phytonyx’s explosive growth worldwide. With his extensive networks and passion for the cannabis plant, he builds partnerships and pushes innovative practices and developments for our company

Justin Tombe

Founding Partner

Justin’s analytical and connecting mind is the backbone of Phytonyx’s problem-solving and executive team. His oversight from the back-end and experience with cannabis cultivation and culture ensure Phytonyx stays legal, stable, and growth-focused.

Tenasi Lazar

Founding Partner

Tenasi oversees our partner farms, community connections, R&D, and makes sure that Phytonyx stays ethical and sustainable in our practices with people and the planet.

James Reynolds

Essential Hemp Breeder

James is backed by years of experience as a master cannabis grower, advisor and business consultant within the cannabis industry. James has experience with cannabis seeds from S.E. Asia, North Africa, Central and South America as well as cultivation and seed breeding in different growing regions in the U.S. 

Heather Hill

VP of Administration

Aaron Cook

Operations Manager
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