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Phytonyx develops and distributes cutting edge HEMP genetics For small scale farms and global industry.


To Realize the full potential of hemp and associated technologies SO As to cultivate thriving communities and responsible INDUSTRIES worldwide.


  • Developing Premium Hemp Genetics 
  • Realizing the Full-Spectrum of Hemp Benefits
  • Organic & Sustainable Practice
  • Science Based + Cutting Edge Technology
  • Professionalism & Integrity
  • Legal Compliance and Clear Chain of Custody
  • Financially Sound Practices, Responsible Growth 
  • Caring for Our Employees & Team
  • Caring for the Planet & Environment
  • Education & Resources for Farmers & Businesses
  • Local Roots + Global Impact
  • Providing Mature, Global Leadership on Best Practices in the Hemp Industry

The Story Behind Phytonyx

Our Story began in the dark era of Prohibition and emerges into A bright new day of Rational and humane Cannabis policy  

Since the early 20th century, the cannabis plant has been demonized, misunderstood, and misrepresented.  As a result of the classification of cannabis as a controlled substance and the subsequent War on Drugs, people have been prevented from accessing the many benefits of this amazing plant.  A rational examination of the facts has alway shown that hemp, or cannabis, was never the threat it was portrayed to be by the government, media, and special interests.  The Founders of Phytonyx have always seen hemp for what it is:  a treasure trove of medicinal, nutritional, and industrial applications that literally has the power to change the world.

The core team of Phytonyx has long been dedicated to unlocking the full-spectrum of benefits the Hemp plant has to offer.  We have been a part of the struggle to preserve valuable genetics, develop best practices, explore and further our understanding of the specific characteristics and applications of this plant during a time when millions of people were being wrongly imprisoned for their use of cannabis around the world.  There is an aspect of social justice (particularly for the minority communities who have been historically targeted and disproportionately impacted) that cannot be fully addressed here, but it has never been far from the lived experience of those whose lives, families, and communities have been damaged or destroyed because of their unwillingness to “give up” on cannabis.   We never gave up, and our work is dedicated to all of those who struggled to keep this plant alive and part of our culture.

Over the last two decades, as cannabis gained more and more legal recognition and protection, we here in Oregon were able to expand our activities in terms of breeding, cultivation, and the myriad forms of utilization of the plant often referred to as “the healing of the nations.”   The passage of the Farm Bill in 2014 marked a watershed moment in our journey, and for the first time in decades Americans had an opportunity to legally farm hemp again.  Farm, as an agricultural activity, just like any other crop; under the sun and blue sky, out from behind the fences and fear.  As consensus in our nation began to finally and irrevocably shift past a cultural tipping point, the founders of Phytonyx sunk their roots deep into the fertile soil of Southern Oregon and partnered to create a company that isn’t just focused on the bottom line, or maximizing the immense economic potential of this crop, but is here to help individuals, farms, and communities worldwide.

Iz Jaramillo, Justin Tombe, and Tenasi Rama Lazar have combined decades of expertise in the cultivation and properties of this plant to bring you a full-spectrum company, to help share the full-spectrum benefits of the Hemp plant.  Our team has connections throughout the global cannabis community and industry, working with medical marijuana and ultra-low THC hemp, applying sustainable permaculture and regenerative agriculture practices, and more.  In 2017, Phytonyx legally formed in the state of Oregon, and was licensed under the Department of Agriculture’s Industrial Hemp Program to bring our experience to bear on the rapidly growing hemp industry.  With the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, and the removal of hemp and hemp derived products from the Controlled Substances Act, Phytonyx is now poised to serve and empower its customers, clients, and partners like never before.

While Phytonyx is primarily focused on breeding and the production of seeds, we also offer an array of other products and services.  Between our extensive worldwide networks, our deep agricultural knowledge and community roots, and our years of research and development to find the best possible genetics for specific purposes, regions, and climates, Phytonyx has solutions for you and your hemp business. 

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