Seed Varieties

Phytonyx offers feminized seeds of premium hemp strains developed by our innovative breeding program.

The Phytonyx team has been involved in cultivating, researching, and breeding the finest varieties of cannabis for decades, and is now able to bring that experience to bear in the rapidly growing hemp industry. From our genetics collection, we select phenotypes with desirable traits for stabilization and eventual certification, in order to provide hemp varieties that will meet the diverse needs of farms around the world.

Essential Hemp Breeders

James Reynolds

James is backed by years of experience as a master cannabis grower, advisor and business consultant within the cannabis industry. He holds his PhD is Neotropical Biology from Stanford University. His relationship with the cannabis plant began in 1969. Since then he has devoted his life to learning how to cultivate the plant and share his knowledge with others. His experience spans from leading a large scale commercial feminized seed breeding program, turning an abandoned golf course into a fully developed year-round cultivation, processing, breeding and teaching facility as well as being a consultant and advisor to cannabis investors. James has experience with cannabis seeds from S.E. Asia, North Africa, Central and South America as well as cultivation and seed breeding in different growing regions in the U.S. He has been researching and documenting cloning, planting, vegetative growth, bloom cycles, drying and curing processes since 1991. He is a speaker and advocate for cannabis legislation and is a founding member of the Association for Standardized Cannabis and California NORML.

Seed Varieties

Canna Blush

Rosy & magenta pistils are showcased in late summer on the flowers of this beautiful strain. A robust, fruity terpene profile tends towards grape, while an abundance of trichomes make this strain glisten in the Autumn sun.

CBD content ranged from 12-15%.


CBDawg has a compact, dense flower loved by the connoisseur. Horizontal spread often exceeded height, making this one of our heaviest yielders in 2017.

Excellent CBD content, from 14-18% in our 2017 crop.

Citrus Fire

A compact, stout structure made plants of this strain hardy in the face of the late autumn elements. Pungent citrus with spicy undertones are expressed in the terpene profile.

CBD content ranged from 13-16% in our 2017 crop.

Frosted Lime

Lengthy spears stacked with frosty lime green buds make this strain a favorite. Terpene profile is fruity, evoking watermelon and bubble gum. One of the later of our early finishing strains, these plants can grow to large stature, leading to heavy yields.

CBD content 12-15%

Siskiyou Gold

Massive buds dripping with resin are characteristic of this strain, while it’s open, airy flower structure provides excellent mold resistance. Mature and ready to harvest by the second week of October, we named this strain after the mountain range our farm is overlooked by.

CBD content 14-16%

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